U.S. Harness Racing Tips and Strategies

When the money is on the line, Tim Tetrick, Gingras, Brian Sears and George Brennan seem to always be flying at the finish line.

Too many bettors overlook a very important part of the equation — the driver. At The Meadows, the top dog for over 20 years has been Dave Palone. Bold statement ? Maybe, so you be the judge.

Here are some basic tips I can offer when it comes to reinsman at various tracks:

The top drivers in the United States usually compete at The Meadowlands and Yonkers, where the biggest opportunities for money are. Tony Hall, another excellent driver, is especially strong on trotters and when he is in the sulky for the first time.

3. When the trotters are on the track, you can never overlook Yannick Gingras. Jim Morrill Jr. Aaron Merriman, Brett Miller, and Mike WIlder are all well-above average and can win at long odds. Obviously, the ability of the horse is typically the biggest factor in determining if they win or lose. Pocono Downs, Ladbroke at the Meadows, and Harrah’s Philadelphia all have very strong colonies of drivers because of the additional monies.

1. He gets on a hot streak now and then where he will win half of the races for the day.

Drivers on the decline: John Campbell, Mike Lachance, Dave Palone

A significant driver change is something you will always want to notice in the program pages. No matter what the program shows, he is the best trot driver alive. Harrah’s Philadelphia is a very tough place for a bettor to make money. The competition is very equal, so you have to really pick your spots before parting with your cash. The biggest difference in an elite reinsman and an average one is that the great one can win without the best horse or a great trip. Drivers on the rise: Eric Carlson, Marcus Miller, Eric Goodell, Montrell Teague, Jason Bartlett

When stakes races come to a track, they attract drivers from all across the area to come into town to try to grab the major share of the purse. So, you will want to educate yourself on the newcomers.

4. When you see one of the leaders replacing someone who has had marginal results, you had better make note of it when you are making your selections.

2. Be familiar with the drivers at the track and know who the winners are and who are the entrants who will need a perfect trip to win. No matter how good a horse looks in the past performances, a poor driver will almost surely get them beat. I recommend using Corey Callahan whenever the horse shows ability to get to the lead. You are better off ignoring him whenever he looks remotely vulnerable. However, due to the unflux of racinos and casinos at the racetracks, the purses have increased and many of the elite spread out across the country looking to increase their earnings. The Meadowlands (or Big M) offers the biggest stakes races of the year. However, because harness racing is usually more about the pace of the race rather than the speed of the equine, the person in the sulky is a major factor.. He is extremely patient and has a knack for helping his charge relax when in front. Pocono Downs is known for it’s ridiculously fast times for a 5/8 mile oval. and Matt Kakaley are the main bread winners there, but when George Napolitano Jr is on the card, you should study how his day is going. His numbers still look amazing in the program, but his victories come aboard heavy favorites now

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