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So, if you help someone make $2,000/mo, you will earn a $1,000 bonus…and that’s just for that one affiliate.

Dennis Nadeau is the Founder and CEO. Nadeau has had success in both MLM and traditional business, making it big years ago with Quorum before changing his focus to internet marketing for fortune 100 companies.

So, who is behind PTN?

First off, Let me acknowledge that I am a founding affiliate for the Poker Training Network. Making a list of the top 200 people may work for some, but definitely not everyone.. He’s been on both the distributor and management side of the industry most notably with The People’s Network and he ran the network marketing division of Video Plus.

New MLM’s launch frequently and every good business person knows that the place to start and end your evaluation is with management.

Trade shows? MLM events? Family? Friends?

It’s like having your own personal poker coach.

The Poker Training Network makes a suit of training products available that anyone can use, regardless of skill level. Windsor’s name. He must see something he likes with PTN since he’s never done anything small in the industry.

So now what?

Okay, so it’s an awesome product with stable management…what about their compensation plan?

The Poker Training Network has gone with a binary with a check match. Jeff is likely the biggest name in MLM for the last two decades and has raised three different network marketing businesses to over $250 million yearly and has been #1 distributor or the owner of each. It’s not gambling, it’s poker training and here’s the pleasant surprise…their products work, very well.

Considering the explosion of poker and the amazing staying power of the industry that just continues getting more popular, it’s easy to see why this company makes sense.

The following information will be quite interesting, especially for the long-time network marketers. What that means that this review is biased, even so if you decide to research on your own, you will see that everything in this review is true. They have a firm compensation plan; that is easy to see. Those who’ve been familiar with the network marketing business for some time will recognize Mr.

How are you going to market your business/product?

If you really want to build a long term, effective, profitable business with PTN, you definitely must learn a few core marketing skills that will separate you from everyone els.

Well, it is.

PTN is a firm organization with a star-studded management and ownership team; there is no question about that. It’s what makes an organization work. The system includes a video lesson library, podcasts, a play simulator, a proprietary game room, a results tracker and an incredible database driven analytic tool that actually records your play then provides feedback on your play based on core poker fundamentals.

Every business should have an effective marketing plan. Do you want to know of the chief investors? None other than Jeff Olson (NSA, Quorum, The People’s Network, Slight Edge). I’ve been a part of the MLM industry for nearly 20 years and I carefully studied nearly 50 companies before choosing to go with PTN.

This is the real power of these binary check matches. He can teach you how to market your Poker Training Network business like a master marketer. You enrollment tree is your personally sponsored people plus their team.

Keith O’Brien is a master of human potential and social media strategist. You won’t get rich on your team bonus (it caps at $25,000/mo), but the check match can represent some huge income over time.

Poker and Network Marketing?

Is this really happening?

What if you learned how to position yourself and your company so that you only talk to people who wanted to talk with you?

All of these methods could potentially work, but what if you really learned how to market like a pro?

Dennis Windsor serves as the President and Chief Marketing Officer. If you want to learn the tactics of the top 1% in every company, you need to get a hold of his F’REE Poker Training Network online training now.

It’s estimated that there are 300 million people that play poker and combine that with non-playing network marketing followers; most agree PTN has a rather large place to market.

Even at the beginning levels, you earn a 50% match of someone’s check. So, you’ll earn 10% of the volume of your pay leg (lesser volume) and are eligible for a check match for everyone in your enrollment tree down 10 levels. If you look up some info, you will also find their poker training products are by far the best in the industry.

What that means is that the Poker Training Network beat out everyone else.

By: Keith OBrien

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In early September 2009, the Poker Training Network (PTN) went into a soft launch and since then has made a bit some noise in the network marketing industry as well as the poker industry

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