How one can get rich betting the Kentucky Derby in 2016

Bet the trifecta

3. Here is a list of ways one can try to get rich betting on the 2016 Kentucky Derby.

How one can get rich betting the Kentucky Derby in 2016

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Key Nyquist on top and use many different longshot horses underneath him for the 2-3-4 slots in the superfecta.

Horse racing is gambling and when one gambles the outcome of your bets is uncertain at best. If you are right and Nyquist wins and you have the longshot horses in the right 2-3-4 spots you could get rich from the bet.

The best way to try and get rich from the Kentucky Derby is to bet the superfecta with your pick for the winner on top. Not exactly a fortune but nothing to sneeze at either. Not an easy bet to win but it can pay a fortune if you are right. It’s just an example to demonstrate how you could get rich betting the 2016 Kentucky Derby.

Last year when favorite American Pharoah won the race the Super High Five returned $6,658.30 for each $1 winning ticket. Until 2014, nobody had won the Super High Five for the Kentucky Derby. When California Chrome won the Kentucky Derby in 2014, the bet returned a whopping $149,764.70 for each $1 winning ticket.. If you are right you have a decent chance of hitting the superfecta and sometimes the superfecta bet pays a ton of money for just a $1 bet. Remember that when you wager on the Kentucky Derby and try to bet responsibly. That will likely not be the case in the 2016 Run for the Roses.

The odds are very high that anyone reading this will not get rich betting the 2016 Kentucky Derby but it is possible that someone could get rich betting on the race. You believe he has a very good chance to win the race.

1. Three times in race history since 1996 when the bet was first introduced the superfecta has paid over $100,000 for a $1 bet.

To win the Super High Five bet you have to have the first five finishers in a race in exact order. The Kentucky Derby usually has a 20 horse field and such a large number of horses to bet on can create massive payoffs in some of the exotic bets for the race.

A note of caution about the Super High Five bet. The Super High Five was first introduced for the Kentucky Derby in 2008. Nyquist the likely favorite is one of the horses with speed. Bet the Super High Five

After the superfecta the next best bet that could make you rich is the trifecta. The fun in betting the Kentucky Derby is to try and win a lot of money with very little money bet on the race.

Let’s just say for example that you have looked over the 2016 Kentucky Derby field and concluded the race is full of closers and lacks speed horses. Once you have the horse you think will be the winner you can strategize about how to use that horse to get rich if your pick does indeed win the race.

The 2016 Kentucky Derby is taking place this week on Saturday, May 7, 2016, at Churchill Downs with a 6:24 pm EDT start time and the race is on TV on NBC. No real longshots finished in the top 5 last year in the Kentucky Derby. When nobody wins the bet the money in the pool is carried over to the next racing day.

2. To win the trifecta you have to have the first three finishers in a race in exact order. Since the trifecta was introduced for the Kentucky Derby in 1994, the bet has paid over $10,000 five times for just a $2 bet.

If you can pick the winner of the 2016 Kentucky Derby you are on the way to possibly getting rich from the race. Pick the winner

Nobody is saying here that is what you should do on Saturday

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