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But If you do so Please visit them through my site listed in resources, its only fair since I told you about them and how good they were to me.

I have used many sports books that are online these days, and for the most part they seem good, but one sports book in particular stood out to me.

Other things that has going for itself, is that they had some neat flash casino games. This is an advantage when you want to do some research before you go and lay money down. You should check it out. I will do their sports book a favor and not mention who they use. For free!!! It takes like 10 minutes and you might actually win, which I thought was cool. And playing around with 5 bucks I was able to turn that money into 150 bucks. All in all I think this sports book is top notch and will keep my business for a while. So I noticed that right off the bat as by far the biggest advantage that sportsbook has on their competition.

As a few weeks went by I started to notice that they have some really great promos. . Which of course is all just dumb luck on a silly slot machine I was fooling with. Then I started to notice that when ever me and the guys got around to watch some college football, that my odds were lower than theirs. Credit card accepting was a breeze, which can be difficult on most sites, but at sportsbook it was fast an easy. But sometimes it was 1/2 a point, which is the difference between a push and a loss or a win!! Thats a big deal when you have a couple hundred riding on the game. I didn’t have to call anyone or set up new accounts on netTeller, or anything. Such as the perfect parlay, which is free to play, for the NFL and if you pick all the games right you get 100,000 bucks. So i figured since I had this extra cash I might as well go and play some Hold’em, which was nothing special but a fast download. Another thing I started to notice, especially on basketball games, is that they got their odds out faster than other sites. They also have cash back on losing bets for the playoffs, and some special basketball promos as well. That was

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