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Whichever of the two parties has the higher right hand sum digit from their cards wins. The 5 in the number 15 is the rightmost digit. In French this means table or board. There is a variation of baccarat known as baccarat banque or baccarat chemin de fer that does require the player to implement strategy and make choices. Then a new deck combination is created for future hands.

Traditional baccarat is a card game that involves the comparing of two different card hands. One hand is the player’s and the other hand is the banker’s. After the player and banker are dealt two cards and neither has an 8 or 9, drawing rules are applied to decide if the player is eligible for a third card. An ace is worth a single point. Cards are dealt from a combination of either 4, 6 or 8 card decks that have been combined and thoroughly shuffled. There is no strategy involved and the game player requires no skill to play. Depending on the card value dealt to the player, the drawing rules are further applied to decide if the banker is eligible for a third card. There can be a tie if both parties have the same total point value.

The house plays according to established drawing rules that are called the “tableau”. Each card has a point value. A “cut card” is placed before the seventh last card in the deck combination. The scoring of the hands is quite unique. The best possible baccarat hand has a value of 9.

baccaratBaccarat is a popular card game of chance. The word baccarat is believed to stem from the Italian word for zero, baccarat.. Jokers are excluded from the baccarat deck. When a player or the banker attains a value of 9, the maximum possible value, the hand ends. It is identified with a yellow marker. One of three outcomes can be produced from a hand of baccarat. For example, a hand of a 4 and a 5 is worth 9 while a hand of a 7 and an 8 is worth 5 as 7 plus 8 equals 15. The player can have the high score, the banker can have the high score or the two parties can tie. Players add up their cards’ values and the digit on the right of that sum is the hand’s value. Face cards and 10s are worth no points. Cards between 2 and 9 are worth their own respective numbers.

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The game begins with two cards being dealt face up, one for the player and one for the banker. The player’s actions are determine by the random cards that he is dealt. Then the results are announced. When this card is drawn, it represents the last card to be played from that combination of decks

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